Hello! I’ve created a submission for IMAGE CORRECTION competition according template’s format.
I submitted it and got the following error:

Understanding that the error might be caused by the wrong image format, I put one of my images into sample_submission instead of first one and got the same error again.

Already realizing the possibility of a bug, I just replaced the first image in the sample submission with the second one from here, changed it name to 0.jpg and submitted. But I got this error again!

Thus, the verification system issues this error on all my submits, except for the original sample_submission.

I’ve done submit before with the sample_submission and submission from the hosts’ notebook and it worked. Please, fix this bug or explain me what I am doing wrong.

Hi @toefL ,

The directory structure of your submission is -> sample_submission -> Labels -> 0.jpg

But it should be -> Labels -> 0.jpg

You need to remove the extra folder you have. The Labels directory needs to be zipped directly.

Hope it helps!


Hello, thank you for the feedback, but it’s not my case. Here is my structure:



Can you compress the Labels directory itself, instead of the sample_submission(2) directory and submit?

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I tried it and it worked! Thanks!

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