SnakeCLEF how to submit, when and how many?

we like to take part in round 4 as a Team in SnakeCLEF, unfortunately there is no precise information about the procedure given. So we have to ask some questions. We are registered and did some test submission with the starter package, this worked but the results for 5 different runs are all the same. Is the submission already active? How are the rules for SnakeCLEF, can we submit already now or is the procedure for SnakeCLEF different to the AICrowd system? When is the test set active and when do we need to submit our results for SnakeCLEF?

The next question is, how many models can we submit for SnakeCLEF or do you take the best 5 from all submissions?

best regards

Christoph M. Friedrich

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for contacting us.
As I was participating the CLEF already I know what you are talking about. I know what exactly confused you.

We are currently looking into this and I will let you know once I will know the answer.
Hopefully later today.


Dear Christoph,

after our discussion with CLEF organizers followed by our internal one, we decided to keep
the “Kaggle like” submission workflow.

That means:

  • You are allowed to submit maximum of 5 submission per day
  • Any submission after 5 June 2020 wont accepted for CLEF
  • Whole evaluation is done on our servers without any access to the “test set”.

Kind Regards,