Skipping first round submission


What’s the difference between submitting in the first round (up to June 13) or second round (up to July 31)?
Will all the submissions from both rounds be re-evaluated in the final round?

I’m worried I won’t be able to get my model working by June 13 for round 1 - will I be able to only submit it in round 2?


Hello sevagh,

yes, it is fine to skip the first round and just enter in the second round.

All submissions that were already done in the first round will automatically also be re-evaluated on the new songs from the second phase and will appear in the leaderboard A/B.

Furthermore, all submissions that were done in the first or second round will automatically be re-evaluated on the full dataset such that they appear in the final leaderboards.

Kind regards



Participants make dozens of submissions during the competition. Which ones will be re-evaluated on the new songs? Only those that are visible on the leaderboards?

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Hi @_lyghter,

All the submissions (not only the one on the leaderboard) will have scores available on the new songs.

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