Setting up the environment on Google Colab

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether has anyone successfully installed and set up the flatland env on the google colab?

I have tried to install it directly on the google collab without using Conda however so far I have not been successful.

This is the code I have been using for installing the environment.

!pip install importlib-metadata==0.23
!pip install importlib-resources==1.5.0
!pip install CairoSVG
!pip install tk
%cd /content/
!git clone
%cd /content/flatland
!python install
!pip install msgpack-numpy
!pip install recordtype

with this code I have been able to install the flatland env, however as I am trying to replicate the basic usage results, I keep getting empty obs from the step function:

>>> env.step(_action)

 {0: False, '__all__': True},
 {'action_required': {}, 'malfunction': {}, 'speed': {}, 'status': {}})


Hello @Mnkq,

There are two problems that we’re actively working on before the challenge launches:

  • the latest release of importlib-resources is causing us some problems,
  • there has been a couple of breaking changes in the latest release of Flatland, and the Colab notebook hasn’t been updated yet.

We’re on it!

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Let’s continue this discussion in the new category made for the NeurIPS 2020 challenge:

The current category is for last year’s challenge.