Select submissions for the final leaderboard

Thanks for participating in the NeurIPS 2022 Citylearn Challenge! :rocket:

:rotating_light: Deadline for filling this form
2nd November 2022, 23:59:00 UTC

:clipboard:Individual Participants
Please submit fill this form only once, we will use your last form entry in case of multiple entries.

In case multiple team members submit, we will treat Team Organizer’s last form entry as the final one.
:speech_balloon: In case you made a mistake or have doubts, please let us know on Discord or Discourse.

:bell: Selecting submissions

You can select up to 2 submissions you made in Phase III.

Please make sure to provide valid submissions ids - It would be a 6 digit number

For example - The submission id 199053 would correspond to:

`AIcrowd | NeurIPS 2022: CityLearn Challenge | Submissions #199053

Please do not provide submission hashes or links to gitlab pages.

Edge cases

  • If 1 valid submission id is provided. Only that submission will be used.

  • If no valid submission ids are provided, the single top scoring submission on the public leaderboard (regardless of the score in private leaderboard), will be selected.

  • If multiple forms are submitted by a team or participant, all previous forms will be discarded, only the latest form will be considered, even if the submission id in the latest form is invalid.

Examples of invalid submissions - A submission id that’s not your or your team’s, or is not a submission for the Citylearn challenge, or is not a 6 digit submission id on AIcrowd.

We will upload the final list of selected submissions on discourse, if there are any discrepancies, you can let us know after that.

Please make your entries at:

Citylearn Submission Selection Form

All the best for the last few days!! :rocket::rocket:

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