🚨 Select Submission For Final Evaluation

:rotating_light: Fill in the “Select Submission” form (deadline 6th of November, 23:59:00 UTC) to select the submission you want to be used for the final evaluation!

If you have no proper submission and one failed after deadline to a technical error, let us know ASAP on our Discord server or via email at basalt@minerl.io :rotating_light:

What will happen next:

  • We will finish evaluating the current solutions and work with teams whose solutions failed because of evaluation server errors to ensure they have at least one valid submission.
  • We will be sending out emails to the most promising teams, distributing virtual NeurIPS tickets for them to attend the competition workshop on 6-8th of December and present their methods.
  • We collect all final submissions and begin the human evaluation and validation phase.

Please fill the form before November 6, 23:59 UTC