Same training and testing dataset with last year?


Are the exact same training and testing dataset as last year?
If there are, I will skip the datasets downloading.

Hi Mingle, sorry for the late reply, we are entering the active round of submitting runs, I will be more present on the forums now. Yes indeed this year we will play the same challenge on the same data in train and in test, no need to download them again for those who have recovered them last year. Thanks to you for considering participating in the challenge again!

Hello, Goeau.

I tried to submit with the exact same format as last year but failed without any message. So I do not know how to correct my submission.

And I checked the fake_run you put in the Submission instructions section, it now can not be accessed. It may confuse new particpants. So could you please check it.

Thank you in advance.
Have a good day.

Hi Mingle we encounter some technical difficulties, we close the submission system until it is fixed

The submission system is back up and running, you can try again if you want. I put a new fake_run with random predictions, thanks for warning me about that too

Ok, Goeau. I will try a preliminary one.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Hello, Goeau,

Is it possible to delete my submission with ID 217592 because it is just a repeat of the one with ID 213889.

Even if it is not possible to delete, please do not report this result on the latter challenge report.

Thank you in advance.