Round 2 | Prioritized support


As you must be aware, Round 2 of the challenge is live.

One of the major changes we did for Round 2 is that the submissions are now code-based instead of CSV. There were a couple of reasons for us to implement this change - code-based submissions allow us to evaluate your models on private test sets, and they also make the competition fairer because everyone competes with the same resources.

However, we understand that this requirement can demotivate participants to continue competing. We are very excited about this challenge and the problem it is tackling and I am sure that it is exciting for you too.

If you have been feeling stuck or don’t feel the motivation to participate in Round 2, AIcrowd team would like to offer you one-on-one assistance in making your submissions for Round 2.

We will meet with you over zoom and help you get on the leaderboard!

Please schedule a call with the AIcrowd team here: