Round 2 Finished

Since Round 2 of the competition ended, I just wanted to say a big thanks to the AIcrowd team, and @shivam in particular, for all the help throughout the competition - especially in the last couple of days. Every error and stuck submission were resolved in time, most of them very quickly, so thanks for that!

The competition itself is loads of fun. As someone who has worked in the food image recognition field for a good couple of years now, it’s fantastic to see not just a benchmark for this field, but also a competition associated with it as well. This should help attract more interest, researchers and data scientists to the problem, which should in turn speed up progress.

Eager to see where this dataset and competition go in the future! :slight_smile:


Hi @simon_mezgec,

Thank you for your participation in the competition !
Pulling off code based submissions like these are actually quite hard because of the many moving parts, but the patience and feedback from participants like you help us get better one little step at a time. So thank you again !!

And this competition is based on top of this idea of trying to truly do Open Research, where we share our data and the results with the whole community even before they are mature, and hopefully engage the community to get much more mature and much better results to begin with ! We hope to see your continued engagement in the competition ! The official announcement for the food competition should come out soon, and we hope to gather all the top and active participants on a few community calls to register your voices in the future directions of this research initiative !

Looking forward to talk to you soon,


Thanks for the reply @mohanty!

I can imagine it’s quite a complex process on your end, and on the user side there’s a learning curve if you are not used to some of the tools, but it’s not too bad at all. Certainly the starter kit helps immensely in that regard, and the notebooks are also very useful.

I’m a big fan of this format (sharing data with the community and coming up with new best-in-class solutions together with it), and the competition is great as an additional motivator to get engaged with these problems. As much as time will allow, I do intend to try my hand at future rounds (if there will be future rounds, of course).

I’m fully willing (and eager) to participate in the community calls as well!