Round 2 - Final Test Set

Hi Everyone,

Submissions for both Mono Depth and Semantic Segmentation tracks of SUADD-23 will now be evaluated on the final test set. The dataset contains roughly 4 times more images than the validation set. Submissions are still constrained by the 10 seconds per image limit for inference.

Additionally, we’ve released the validation set that was used for leaderboard scoring in Round 1. You’re allowed to use this data for training your models.

The live leaderboard in Round 2 reports scores only on 40% of the test set. The final winners will be selected based on 100% of the test set, the scores for which will be revealed at the end of the competition.

Only submissions made between April 5th 17:30 UTC and April 28th 23:59 UTC will be scored. So please resubmit any old submissions you’d like to get scored for.

All the best!!

I didn’t have time to submit the round1, can I still submit it to round2?

Yes, you can submit to Round 2

My submission got unexpected error, and said please contact the organizer, what happened here ? How can i solve it ?

Can you please give the submission id @minhsaco99

my submission id is 214581

My submission got the same error, the submission id is 214576.

There was a bug that affected some runs, I’ve fixed it and rerun all the valid submissions since Round 2 launch. The’ll be scores when the runs complete, please check the gitlab issues pages.

Hi, my submission got an error: 'Evaluate Scores: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/public/predictions/d9f61ae26726460a9f281e9ec6970a2b-1611254331400008834.png’. How can i solve it ?

@bien_duong That error is fixed. If you want me to rerun the submission please let us know the submission id, alternatively, please feel free to make a new submission.

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