Round 1 Extension and Announcement about Round 2

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to everyone for reaching this stage of the competition. This post is intended to make announcements regarding important changes in Round 2.

The real-world track is nearly ready for live submissions, ETA Monday 15th November 2021. In the meantime, we’ve released the simulator and some code changes for Round 2.

Please pull the new Docker for Round 2, this should be a lightweight download if you’ve already downloaded the Round 1 docker.

docker pull aicrowd/base-images:deepracer_round2_release

Please update your starter kit to the round-2 branch on the starter kit.

git clone
git checkout round-2
cd neurips-2021-aws-deepracer-starter-kit/deepracer-gym
pip install .

This will install the modified environment that repeats actions every 30 milliseconds if no action is provided by then, this is to ensure that your models are not too slow during the real-world runs and overshoot the track.

Round 1 is now extended till Round 2 starts. We recommend everyone to start working on the Round 2 simulator right away.

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