RMSE Submissions page error

As you’ve probably noticed, RMSE is currently calculating 0 for each submission.

I have seen though, that if you click the submission it does show the RMSE under META parameters.


Hello @solve_fx

The leaderboard seems to be fine. Is this happening to a single submission?

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@jyotish Apologies I mean on the submissions page that shows them chronologically as they’re submitted.

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Hi @solve_fx

Yes we are looking into this and will be fixed shortly, apologies for that.

It’s a display issue, rest assured that the leaderboard is correct and that your submission scores are being computed correctly if you click on “view” next to your submission.


Hi @alfarzan,
The RMSE leadeboard hasnt updated for me since Monday. The most recent submission in the leaderboard shows up as "“from the 28th.”.

Am I the only one?

HI @simon_coulombe

I believe this should now be fixed! Apologies for the delay, it was slightly trickier than expected.

no worries, I preferred the old snapshot…

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