Research - Can the data be used for a paper?

Hi there

Would it be possible to publish research based on this competition? The rules seem to indicate the data cannot be used for this purpose.

Many thanks

Hi @za613

At this stage unfortunately not. The research team has quite strict terms with the data provider regarding this, hence the rules state that this dataset is for competition use only.

However, at the end of the competition, please do get in touch with us and we can revisit this question on a case by case basis as per our agreement with the data provider.

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Hi, I wonder if you can send me the data set. I downloaded it for student projects, but I couldn’t find it now. Thanks.

Hi @sepanjh1

Unfortunately, due to the agreements with the data provider we cannot provide the dataset beyond the duration of the competition. You can see this as the first item in the challenge rules. Hopefully for the next one we will have a less restrictive format in this regard :slight_smile: