Request to give Feedback on the Flatland Visualization Approach

Hello Flatland Residents,

Since now the competition submission deadline is over, I am sure a thought might have crossed your mind “How could I have made my technique better?”. Well, it starts with an investigation of the scheduling behavior of trained agents. To support this investigation, we have built a visualization approach that has several features and interactions, that hopefully helps in the analysis. We have built this approach specifically for the Flatland community members with an aim to help in making the scheduling techniques better. Please find a screenshot of the visualization below:

To make further improvements in the visualization and to advance research in this direction, we sincerely need your feedback on the visualization. We would be grateful if you can provide your valuable feedback through an online study. The study would take about 35 min and can be accessed here:
Link to the tool and its video introduction can be found in the feedback form. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to your feedback and make further improvements.

Thanks in advance.

Shivam Agarwal