Request for the original images

Is it possible to have the original images given instead of the embeddings? I think seeing the images can help better than the embeddings. I’m pretty sure this could help all the participants

Hi @jinoooooooooo

Welcome back to blitz :zap: . I can understand but sadly we cannot provide the images because the challenge is based on using the embeddings to classify the sentiment. Adding images will change a whole lot to the original challenge.

Other than that I looked at your submissions and found out you were having some issues. So the exact submission format is that you first put your submission.csv file and original_notebook.ipynb ( the notebook you generated the predictions from ) in a zip file. This is what the final zip file should look like -

   ├── submission.csv
   └── original_notebook.ipynb

And then you can submit your in on the challenge page. I hope this help :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any more questions.


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sure , thanks for the help