Request for More Comprehensive Error Reports for Recent Submission Failures Task1

I’ve noticed that my recent submissions have been failing without detailed log files or explanations, except for submission #247972, which was reported to time out. This lack of clarity makes it difficult to determine if the failures are due to code issues or system errors. Is it possible to receive more comprehensive error reports for submissions #247981, #247983, #247984 and #248051?

Thank you.

@dipam @mohanty @tomtom

Hi @nazlicanto , unfortunately most these seem to be caused by intermittent issue in the OpenAI API while handling large number of API calls. I’ve made changes to try and fix this, have resubmitted your submission 248051 and will keep on eye on it so that it passes.

Hi @dipam,
Considering this situation, could you offer any advice? Is it wise to keep submitting the same code until we get a result? Given the daily limit of the submissions, can we do something to make sure failed submissions don’t count against our limit?

Also, submissions #247986 and #24795 (by @tomtom) for Task 1 Track 1 failed without any debugging code, even though they didn’t make any OpenAI API calls. Are submissions for Track 1 and Track 2 evaluated on a single server and placed in the same queue, potentially causing the queue to get blocked (and eventually timeout) by previous submissions that make OpenAI API calls?

Thank you.