Repo2Docker question

Hi everybody,

I am not extensively familiar with docker, thus I would like to ask a few questions regarding the submissions.

  1. Thus far, I have been following the simple process when I update the ‘environment.yml’ file and push to the git, which starts the evaluation. That works fine as long as all new libraries can be fetched by pip, however I would like to now use a python library which is technically a wrapper for a C++ library and needs to be compiled after being pipped or can be run virtually using docker pull. Is there a way to do this in the submission?

  2. I am wondering about some of the anaconda packages I am using. They can be downloaded from different channels and some of them were not working correctly. Is there a way to specify the channel or download command for some of the packages in the ‘’ file?

Thank you

Hi @ryznefil,

You can actually include any anaconda package in your environment.yml file (as long as they exist for linux, which is where they are eventually installed in the docker container). So if you can find a conda package for your dependencies, then you can just include them like this one is.

And you can set the priority of different conda channels here and even include some new ones if you wish.