Removal of logs from Phase 2 runs

Hi everyone,

One of the participants rightly pointed that it was possible to get the schema information of the private buildings by printing the data and causing an error in the submission to get the logs.

In light of this, we have disabled the logs for the private runs, you will still be able to see logs for the rendering run.

It is against the spirit of the competition to try and obtain private data. We hope that no one has used this exploit, and will closely monitor the logs.

If you face any issues due to the removal of the logs, please let us know.


I’m currently having an issue where my PyTorch based models fail to inference despite reproducing the environment and the local evaluation script working correctly. Without the logs, how do you suggest debugging the problem?

Let me know the submission link I’ll help. Also does it pass for render but fail for the main run or fail for all of them?

Thanks for the help. It only fails in the “Citylearn 1” node of the DAG, which I think is the rollout. The submission is #198811. I’m not sure which link you’re referring to, but I’ll get it if you let me know what I’m looking for.


Added comment with log here

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