Releasing extra test cases

We’re releasing 3 extra test cases for your help. These are just for your analysis, you don’t need to submit them during the actual submission.

I am getting an inference error upon submission. Please guide.

My policies exactly match the 3 test cases target policies, my value functions after convergence with tolerance 1e-8 match till 1st decimal point for all 3 test cases. Still AIcrowd score is coming as 0. Do we need to exactly match the value functions, or else to what decimal point should they match?

Hi richa_verma_cs20d020,

Do you still get the error? If yes share the submission id.

Hi elisha_parhi_cs20d01,

The tolerance on value function match has been relaxed significantly, very approximate matches should give correct score. Correctly implementing the algorithm should give you at least a match around 2-3 decimal places.

Yeah, got it. Thanks.