REAL Competition Update - 19 July

Dear all,
we are still a bit behind with some developments, so the submissions won’t start yet.
Hopefully we will be able to enable submissions early next week.

Meanwhile, the Starting Kit has been updated.

Main changes have been:

  • change orange into a cube
    We replaced the orange object with a cube object - this will simplify things as the cube doesn’t roll around.
  • updated goals_dataset.npy
    We have updated the goal dataset, which now contains (350!) goals.
    There are 150 “2D” goals, 150 “2.5D” goals and 50 “3D” goals.
    The “2D” goals involve only moving objects on the first part of the table, while “2.5D” goals require moving objects from and to the shelf.
    The first two types of goals can also be split into 3 categories, with 1, 2 or 3 objects moving when comparing the starting state and the goal final state.
    Objects in “2D” and “2.5D” goals have always a fixed orientation and have a minimum distance (15 cm) between each other.
    The “3D” goals are the most general (and challenging) type of goals: objects can have any orientation and they can be in any part of the table, even on top of each other.
  • updated scoring function
    We have updated the scoring function for the extrinsic phase.
    The score is 1 if each object is positioned as shown in the goal image, while it exponentially decreases to 0 the further the object is compared to the goal position.
    In 3D goals, the orientation also matters.
    For each goal, the score is the average of the score for each object.
    Final score is the average score obtained on all type of goals (and the score for each type is the average of all goals of that type).
  • increased extrinsic trial length
    We have increased the time available to achieve each goal from 1000 to 2000 timesteps.
    Notice that the extrinsic phase is now very long (350 goals x 2000 timesteps = 700k timesteps!).
    When testing your model locally you may want to modify so that only a subset of goals are tested (e.g. only 2D goals or only 10 goals from each type).
  • added
    This file is identical to, but it has a length 0 intrinsic phase.
    This is useful to test an already trained controller and it will be used to test submissions during Round 1 of the competition (see below).
  • fixed touch sensors
    There was a bug that prevented touch sensors beyond the first to activate.

More announcements to follow on Monday

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