REAL Competition Update - 10 July

  • Beta phase extended to July 19th
    We have collected some nice feedback on the competition from participants during the IMOL 2019 workshop and the related Summer School where the REAL Challenge has been presented.
    We are still implementing that feedback, so expect the Starting Kit and Rules to undergo some changes in the next few days and to be “finalized” by July 19th.

  • Online Evaluations starting on July 19th
    The Starting Kit now provides a score when you run, so you can start to evaluate your solutions locally on your computer (2D tasks only at the moment).
    Unfortunately, due to some unexpected circumstances, we haven’t been able to start the online evaluations yet.
    We expect the online submission procedure to be available by July 19th.

I also take the occasion to publicly thank Google which is going to provide the computational resources for the evaluations with their GCP research credits program.

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