Questions about the competition timeline

I have two questions about the timeline,

  1. When will the competition end? Is it Oct 19 or Oct 31?

  2. When can we test the generalization performance instead of sample efficiency?



It’s odd that there is no answer from organizers, with less than 24h remaining until end of competition deadline. I can only assume it is not the actual deadline, and round 2 will be extended?

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Hello @jurgisp @Feiyang

The competition will run till Oct 31. For the last 7 days, the submission quota will be reduced to 2 submissions per day and we will use on-demand instances for evaluation instead of spot instances. We will make an announcement once the change is done.


Hello @jyotish … Will there be a generalization track? If yes, can we select which submissions to use for generalization?

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Hello @dipam_chakraborty

The generalization track will start once the round 2 ends. You will be given a choice to pick a submission. We will make an announcement regarding this in a few days.

Hey @jyotish, does the submission we pick have to be something we submitted previously, or it can be a new submission after round 2 ends? It doesn’t really make sense to pick something we previously submitted because those are for sample efficiency only.

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