Questions about leaderboard / private set

Can someone please elaborate these questions:

  1. does leaderboard now show the final score or it’s a score on test public part or it’s even a score on validation data?

  2. if it’s only public / validation score which submissions will be used for final standings? (all?)

  3. is Recall score taken somehow into account or top is selected by precision?

I found only that exists a private set but nothing related to this questions. Thank you.

@ktverdov: This round of the food benchmark does not have a separate validation set, and hence the scores on the leaderboard are the final scores for this round. We release new test sets at the end of each round. In the subsequent rounds we will ensure to have separate public and private scores.

The recall score will be used as a tie breaker. So if two submissions have the exact same (upto 3 decimal points) precision then their order will be determined by the recall scores.