Question onmotor pricing challenge


Im raphael

I try to understand the data for the Motor Insurance market simulation

But I don’t understand something

  • How come for policy PL073228 that are new policies I can see a pol_no_claim_discount at 1 when there is no other driver and most of all no claim amount.

I also don’t understand how for policy pl073228 the pol-no_claims-discount begins at 1 when it supposed to begin at 0.631 and then reach 0.631 after 3 years.

And why for pl089493 i found a claim in the year 3 but still i dont understand why pol-no-claims-discount begins at 1 and decrease by 0.012 second year the decrease to 0.631 and even after a claim (in year 3 ) it still decrease to 0.584

  • I also dont understand why vehicule value doesnt not decrease from year to year for example pl089493 we can see that the value is 24750 during all 4 years.

  • what is the weight 393 kg (its a car without license?)

  • how come the price of the car doesnt decrease each year?

Thx very much and sorry for my english.

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Hi Raphael (@raphael_sebbah) and welcome to the challenge! :partying_face:

To answer your questions:

  1. About pol_no_claims_discount. There is an extended discussion about this column on this thread. It might help understanding this column better. In addition please consider that this score is attached to the driver which means they might have come to this company with some accidents already under their belt!
  2. About vh_value. This is at the discretion of the insurance provider and is related to how often they update their information. You might find a correlation between when the vh_value changes and the value of pol_sit_duration (extended discussion here on that variable).
  3. About vh_weight. The weight is that of the vehicle in kg so 393kg is what is recorded for that vehicle.

Does that clear things up a little?

Thx a lot for the quick answer