Question for [MICCAI 2020: HECKTOR] Registration and paper submissions

Hello, I have a question. Does every participant need to register for the conference? If I just want to participate in the competition and submit the results, can I not register for the meeting? Thanks!

Hi am doing the same. Not participating in the conference but participating the competition. For that you have to submit the form for accessing the dataset and then only you will have access to train and test data. But to submit the result again you have to form a team. You can join my team if you want.

Is having a team compulsory ?

It is not mandatory to form a team in order to submit. Participants can make either individual or team submission.


Hi, You can submit your results anyway and be on the leaderboard. But if you don’t write a paper describing your results (can be short), you won’t be reported in the challenge paper and won’t be eligible for the price.