Question about timeline

What will the differences be between phases 1 and 2, and when will phase 2 no longer accept entries? Thanks!

Hi @ronan_tegerdine, Thank you for the question.

This challenge will take place in 2 phases, as you mentioned.
As in the previous challenge the hidden test dataset in this challenge is also split into three chunks.

During the 1st phase, participants can see the scores of their submissions on the first-third of the hidden dataset. During the 2nd phase, they can see their scores on the first- and second-third of the test dataset.
The ranking of the final leaderboard will be based on the scores on all songs of the test set.

The deadline for the final submission to the second phase will be announced soon! I will keep you updated when it is determined.

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Hi @Woosung.Choi.Sony, when does phase 1 officially start? As per the timeline, it was to start today i.e January 23, but the datasets for Leaderboard A and B haven’t been released yet.

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