Question about the MineRLObtainDiamondVectorObf-v0's record v3_quiet_mandarin_orange_ghoul-13_257-145846

In the v3_quiet_mandarin_orange_ghoul-13_257-145846 trajectory, there are total 145590 frames in video, which is about 2 hours. But only 11546 actions and rewards and 11547 vectors in render data relate to frames. What’s the start time to map the frame and vector record?

I believe that is one of the recordings that got corrupted at some point along the line and should be ignored for training purposes. See this blacklist of games that are ignored by the dataloader. Looks like this specific game is not included in that list.

Do you know if the above blacklist works with the current version of data (i.e. with “v3_” names)? On a quick inspection it checks if names match, and since that blacklist does not include the “v3” it might let those samples through.

Thanks. I checked the blacklist and did find a trajectory from same player. But it’s not the same trajectory. I will skip this demonstration mannully.