Question about the error in submission

I got 2 errors in my submission, and let me have questions about it.

1st error is “Exception: Submission does not contain all images”, and I have no error when I submit “submission.csv” in the resource. In, it contains 2856 images, but “submission.csv” only contains 2849 image names, so I suppose there is a mistake somewhere in test images, submission.csv or submission check logic.

2nd error is “Key error: domain”, and I have no error when I submit “submission.csv”. Does this mean the submission csv must contain the key “domain” like the sample? If yes, how can I set the domain value for submission? Should I copy the domain value from the sample csv?

I am here to know about it, 3 erros in a row… test have 2856 images and submission example only 2849. So I used only the ones in submission, got domain error…

In the description of the submission does not say that it needs to be there, just the image_name and the PredBoxes, which in the submission is PredString…

Do we really need domain ?


Domain is used during evaluation. I am sorry for the mismatch between test and submission.csv. To insure a smooth evaluation, the best is to used the submission csv to get the list of images to predict, the domain and use PredString. I will correct the doc ASAP/