Question about team system

This is the first time I use this website. I created a team accidentally because my first submission failed and I just want to check if it is necessary to create a team before showing scores in leaderboard. So I have two following questions.

  1. can we modify team name? can we leave a team?
  2. is it possible to merge two teams into a team?(for example, I have 2 member in my team and X have 2 members in their team, can we merge? and how) I only see the button of “invite members”

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Adam,

  1. You cannot modify the team or leave during the challenge. The terms of use are described in the team invite.
  2. It is currently not possible to merge two teams into one team.

@snehananavati okay. Thanks for your answering.

will it be allowed to merge two teams into one team in the future? I guess this limitation is really inconvenient for many players.