Question about round 1 -> round 2

Hi, I’m a new comer to this competition.

As the round 1 only have less than 1 week time, I’d like to ask a simple question about the rules as I’m not fully sure.

What rank do we need to achieve in round 1 to be eligible to attend round 2?
Or actually round 1 is similar to the warm-up round and only round 2 result will be evaluated for the prize?

There are no qualifying rounds: participants can join the challenge at any point until the final deadline. Prizes will be awarded according to Round 2 ranking.

I’m a bit confused about why there is a round 1 if it is not for qualification into round 2.

This is correct!

The goal of Round 1 is to fine-tune the problem definition. Only Round 2 will matter for the prize.