Question about ranking

Can you please provide any explanation on the use of submission time to break the tie when more decimals of the scores can be used instead?



The decision to break ties on the leaderboard was taken after careful deliberation. We had decided to go with using only 3 decimal places for leaderboard rankings, as we don’t feel the model performance is of value beyond that, and also took the decision to break ties using time of submission to ensure we have a clear way to break ties even when we have models performing at the same level. We understand your disappointment and appreciate your participation in the contest, however, we are unable to make any changes to challenge rules at this point

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Thank you, I just saw that it was stated in the rules when the competition started. Even though I still believe that breaking the ties based on model performance is better than doing it on some random external factors. Anyway, I m happy with my final ranking. This was the most challenging competition I was involved in and I have done a lot of them.