Question about id task

Hello, everyone. I have two question.

“Is there a column in the data that identifies the 4 specific tasks or do we have to deduce it?”

What is the maximum member of each team?

Thanks and congrats for the challange


  1. For the development set, there is. However, for the dataset that will be used to test your submission, no. It is stated here,

The development datasets will be given in json format with the following fields.

  • input_field: This field contains the instructions and the question that should be answered by the model.
  • output_field: This field contains the ground truth answer to the question.
  • task_type: This field contains the type of the task (Details in the next Section, “Tasks”)
  • metric: This field contains the metric used to evaluate the question (Details in Section “Evaluation Metrics”).

However, the test dataset (which will be hidden from participants) will have a different format with only two fields:

  • input_field, which is the same as above.
  • is_multiple_choice: This field contains a True or False that indicates whether the question is a multiple choice or not. The detailed ‘task_type’ will not be given to participants.
  1. The maximum number of people in a team is 6.

Good luck and with you enjoy it.

Yes, but task_type doesnt say about the track. It is a subtask. How can I select only subtask from task1? Thank you



Thanks for your question. As many folks ask about it, we add a column, track in the development set to indicate which track the question comes from.

Hope that helps.