Query regarding evaluation metrics

I checked the leaderboard. It shows that the F1-score of some submissions is greater than 1, which is not possible. I believe that the metrics have been interchanged, since the scores that I got for my submission are very close to the scores I got while training. The leaderboard states that my F1-score is 0.14, while my secondary metric is 0.894. While training I got my MAE as roughly 0.14, while my F1-score was 0.9.
Could the organizers kindly look into this? Since if it has been interchanged, then the board will be altered completely. A lower MAE, with a higher F1-score should ideally be higher on the table
Thank you in advance

Yeah, that was an error. Thanks for letting us know. We have corrected it.


Great! Thank You for the quick response as well