Python + R notebook

Hi there,

I am wondering if we could run both R and Python in a notebook? Ha ha, you know I plan to do ensemble of 2 best notebooks.


PS: We are looking for mates to play lotto with us in this final week.



Thanks for the chuckle!

Don’t you have enough python notebooks at your disposal? Hahaha


On a side note, I’d love for the staff to share the submission breakdown by language.
(My guess is 95% Python, 5% R)

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Ha ha, the more the better no? We don’t even need to select which ones for the final submissions.

BTW, @michael_bordeleau could you kindly tell me how to run R notebooks?

You need to install R.

You can run the script provided in that post ^.

Once done, you should be able to see “R kernel” available in Jupyter.