PSA on submitting last minute

Was playing around with Neural Networks…

The moment you realize you hardcoded old irrelevant scaling parameters in the predict_expected_claims function, minutes after the submission cutoff.

Don’t be like me.
Don’t hard code stuff.
Don’t rush a new iteration in the last few hours.



Just making sure you did manage to make that submission. If not let me know and we’ll see what we can do!

Problematic submission 121170
It deserves to be on a hall of shame. :man_facepalming:

If possible, please use previous sub 120866 for this week leaderboard!

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

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Yes perfect, will do :rocket:

Hi @alfarzan,

Could we find a similar solution to the problem I had at the last minute?

I attach the image of what has happened.

I have uploaded my interest submission 45 minutes before the deadline. It took longer than that, I understand why the kernel was full. I think for the same reason it has ended up giving an error. From minutes later I have sent exactly the same submission and it has been evaluated correctly.

Please, would it be possible to take into account for the weekly profit leaderborad the submission number 122622 instead of the one currently selected, I have been working all day on it …

Thanks in advance.


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@RHG Sure, we will consider #122622 for week 9 evaluation and will look into the reason for the long queues.


Many thanks. You are doing a spectacular job with this competition.

All the best.


So… I guess @RHG didn’t get the core message… :rofl:


For newcomers,…
Public Service Announcement;.

don’t submit just before the cutoff.

You will screw something up.