Problems with disentanglement-lib

I am trying to submit my code. I have followed the instruction for Pytorch. My environment.yml file includes disentanglement-lib library, and as far as I understand it tries to install it with pip. And cannot find it.

Error from image_build:

Pip subprocess error:
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement disentanglement-lib==1.2 (from -r /home/aicrowd/condaenv.77hqw36z.requirements.txt (line 7)) (from versions: 1.0)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for disentanglement-lib==1.2 (from -r /home/aicrowd/condaenv.77hqw36z.requirements.txt (line 7))

I tried to delete disentanglement-lib from environment.yml file, and image builds successfully. However, it fails evaluation step, because cannot find this library.

It’s here:

@esidorovics: Thats because disentanglement-lib==1.2 is not available on PyPi :frowning:

I had checked in with the collaborators from google-research who have access, and it should soon be available on PyPi.
In the meantime, you can change the line in your environment.yml to :

- git+

in the pip: section.

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