Problem with the number of allowed submissions per task

We have a problem with the number of submissions allowed per task.
We understood each task allowed for 5 submissions, for the 3 tasks, a total of 15 submissions.
However, we have done 3 submissions in the first task, 2 in the second task and it says we cannot do anymore submissions. Is this perhaps an error or did we understood wrong?

This is an error. It should be indeed 5 per task. We will fix this asap.

Hi @vandrearczyk,

Instruction page states limit of 5 per task for participants. Does it mean each member of a team have limit of 5 per task or limit of 5 per task applies to entire team?

5 for the entire team.

Our team just ran into the same issue and we are waiting for a fix to submit some more :slight_smile:

Hi @vandrearczyk
My teammates are invited to my group today. We don’t know that it is “5 for the entire team” and we submit multiple predictions each before he got into my team. Now we ran out of 5 times and actually we have 6 successful submissions per person. My question is that:

  1. Could we at least have one more chance to submit? TBH, there is no instruction to specify that the limit is per team not per person. We had no idea that we will both run out of chances for submission before I invited him to join my team. I know it may be unfair for other teams but how about increase the submission times for all teams?

  2. Will our final score be based on the best of the 6 successful submissions or the first 5? (Please be the best of the 6 at least) :slight_smile:

You should be able to submit now. Let me know if it is not working.

Now each team can submit more than five times, right?

The limit is still 5 per team. We increased the limit on aicrowd due to technical problems encountered by some teams that could not submit their 5 runs, but please stick to 5 per task.