Problem with submission

I am using windows Vm , I am trying to submit my prediction file, I am getting error. please help me how submit my file.

I did not created any shared drive folder.

Hi @suri, did you install aicrowd-cli ?

!pip install -q -U aicrowd-cli

It was given as part of the starter notebook. Please run the cell in your notebook or above command directly if you missed it earlier.

Also, the aicrowd notebook submit... is missing exclamation at the start and should be !aicrowd notebook submit...

Hi shivam, I try to install !pip install -q -U aicrowd-cli , I got some other error.

You don’t have the proxy set properly in your notebook due to which it isn’t able to download/find the package.

Please check the solution shared here:

Hi Shivam, I set the Proxy settings but
I am still getting same error:

Did you restart your notebook after setting proxy? I don’t see that command.

yes, I restart the Notebook