Problem with submission in gitlab repo

@mohanty, All the submissions today from submission numbers 9548 to 9656 have failed simultaneously.

Due to the failure in submission the maximum limit has been reached without any grading of the submission.

Is there a way to resubmit these for grading by resetting today’s submission limits?
Also would it not make sense to have a limit for 5 graded submission rather than 5 submissions in total including the failed submissions ? Just a suggestion.

Also the number of submissions are too little to check for any significant improvements in the models.

@sourabh_balgi : Thats correct, we were increasing the capacity of the cluster to allow more parallel submissions, but the Google Kubernetes Service clusters crashed.

We have however fixed the problem and have requeued all the affected submissions. Someone from our team must have posted a message on all the affected issues.

We are currently evaluating 15 submissions in parallel, and the capacity will be increased even more later in the day.

Wrt the count of the quota, we will unfortunately have to count the failed submissions too, else it opens up the system for abuse by participants.

We are keeping a close eye on the evaluations and all the submissions you referenced which failed will eventually be re-evaluated by EOD today.

Thanks for the information.
Happy weekend!!