Problem about the competition rule

The competition rules state “A Team may make only five submission per task per 24-hour period.” But now it seems that everyone in a team can submit 5 times, for example, a team of two people can submit 10 times. This seems unfair to a one-man team.

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It is indeed unfair to one-man team.

  1. The system limits the number of submissions per team per day, rather than limiting the number of submissions per member. It would be better if the system can limit the number of submissions of a team. It is inconvenient for members as we need to communicate to control the team’s submission times.
  2. I think organizers should send an official statement to explain how many submissions each team can make per day in these last few days and the punishment measures.

I agree with @CXL 's viewpoint and hope that the official @snehananavati @dipam will provide a clear rule. Otherwise, it seems unfair to one person’s team.

I also think it’s less common to count submissions by number of people rather than teams, but it seems that some teams are already generating more than five submissions a day at the moment and it’s a bit odd to subsequently hold them accountable without a prior limit.

Is it possible to consider limiting the total number of submissions a team can make in phase2? Or perhaps promulgate rules and penalties as soon as possible, although this might need to be communicated to all participants.