Prize of Task1


We have observed that the prizes for Task 1 are as follows: First place receives 15,000 USD, second place receives 7,000 USD, and third place receives 3,000 USD. However, Task 1 comprises two tracks, namely the GPU and Prompt Engineering Tracks. We are curious to know if the prizes are separate for each track. For instance, if an individual secures the first place in both tracks, would they receive a total of 30,000 USD?

Hello, the tracks are meant to share the prizes. In fact, the leaderboard and dataset for both tracks are also shared, the only difference is the trade off between using a single onboard GPU and a smaller finetuned model vs a larger model via API and only retrieval and prompt engineering.

So to answer your question, no, there will be only a single set of winners who will receive the prize.