Potential Data Vulnerability

Can the people listed in the “Contacts” section please check your e-mail – @jyotish @shivam @mohanty – I sent an e-mail 3 days ago about a way users could potentially get the training data off of the VMs and onto their local machines but haven’t received a response. Couldn’t figure out a way to DM or contact you another way, so sorry for posting here. Thanks.


Hi @branden_murray,

We have been in touch with the ADDI team, and will post an update soon.

In the meantime, I have responded to your email.
Thank you again for the notification.



Hi All,
Here is the official response by ADDI on this issue.
" It has come to ADDI’s attention that some Contest participants may have attempted to transfer Workbench Data to an external location. We remind you that any such transfer of Workbench Data, by any means, is not allowed under the AD Workbench Terms of Service and, therefore, is not in compliance with the Challenge Official Rules. Exporting data to an external location may lead to disqualification for any Contest participant(s), at ADDI’s sole discretion."

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It is rather unfortunate that we can’t download the datasets to use them for a class project even though it states under the general terms section 4: “We encourage communication of the results of research in an open access publication and require attribution, acknowledgement or accreditation to ADDI, AD Workbench, and Data Contributors and participants as ADDI may determine.”

I have no problem citing the sources.