Phishing email from aicrowd?

I got an email from aicrowd 5 days ago, it said because I am in level 2, I will get 1000 aws credits.
they asked for a copy of passport.
It’s kind of wired, because other paltforms do not require a passport except for travelling to final competitions.
and still I didn’t get my aws credits. is that email fake or phishing email?

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Hi @ling_thoth,

I can confirm that the mail is official and not a phishing email. We are in the process of dispatching your AWS credits and you should receive your coupon codes for that shortly. (Round 2 of the challenge will also go live soon!)

As for the Passport requirement, tagging @ashivani who can clarify it.

Though, this is good feedback for us to explain the document requirements in a better way, and not be considered phishing mail. :angel:

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