Phase 1 scores for new submissions

Hi Everyone,

Starting today, all your submissions will have separated scores of Phase 1 and Phase 2 on each of your submissions.

Due to technical reasons we’re not including Phase 1 submissions on the Phase 2 leaderboard, though this was the original plan.

If you want to get your Phase 1 submissions to count toward Phase 2, we request you to re-submit them.

We understand that making many submissions from Phase 1 might waste your submission slots. Hence we’ll be increasing the number of submissions per day from 5 to 10, starting from Monday - April 3rd onwards. This increase will only be valid for a week, and the submission slots will be reduced back to 5 per day from April 10th onwards. You’re allowed to make any submissions in this period, and not limited to older submissions.

As also mentioned above, the separated scores will now be available for every submission from today onwards, so you can re-submit older submissions to get the separated scores anytime you like.

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