PettingZoo wrapper and OrderEnforcingWrapper

In there is an environment creating function make_citylearn_env:

def make_citylearn_env(schema):
    The env function often wraps the environment in wrappers by default.
    You can find full documentation for these methods
    elsewhere in the developer documentation.
    env = raw_env(schema)
    # # This wrapper is only for environments which print results to the terminal
    # env = wrappers.CaptureStdoutWrapper(env)
    # # Provides a wide vareity of helpful user errors
    # # Strongly recommended
    # env = wrappers.OrderEnforcingWrapper(env)
    return env

Why is the order enforcing wrapper commented out? Do we need it during training? Or is it only applicable for AEC type pettingzoo environments?
If we need it during training - what is its function?
Thank you

Hi @mansur, thanks for your observation. The module is not fully developed and shouldn’t be used.