Organizing submissions


I did 3 submissions and I figured out which is the best one. Could you please explain me how can I organized them by best output, because I cannot replace a Primary Run which I did setup in past.
Could be helpful for me any advice!

Thank you!

Hi, do you mean submission selected on leaderboard here?

This is picked based on ranking method set by challenge organiser, which is descending for both mean_auc and min_auc in this challenge.

Sorry in case I didn’t understand the question properly.
Please let us know in case you meant something else.

Hi shivam,

Since the leaderboard in this Challenge is not public, can you please remove the screenshot of participant’s results from the public discussion?

Hi @SergeKo,

I am sorry I wasn’t aware about this challenge having private leaderboard, the screenshot is now removed.

@shivam, thanks for quick response!