Observations data structure and indexing

This is a suggestion on the observation data structure. The observations at every time step is given by as the observation of all building in one array. Would have been nice to have a list of list with each sublist holding the specific observation for a building. It could make it easier to work on individual building observation rather than getting into indexing.

@Chemago the reason all building observations are in one list is because the control is set to use a central agent i.e. one controller manages all the heat pumps, dhw storage systems and batteries in all buildings. If you want to get serve the observations in a list of lists, you will need to set central_agent=False (you can do this in the schema.json for local evaluation and see this post for online evaluation). Alternatively, you can obtain building level observations by calling env.buildings[0].observations().

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Got it, very clear and this makes life easier. Thanks