Not able to download the Anaconda and install in windows

Hi Michal,
I am not able to connect my network through a browser in workspace in windows , it is showing HTTP 403 how Can I download .exe file and install the anaconda .

Hmm, I think you double posted.

I answered here :point_down:


Hi Michael! Do you know how to install Google Chrome in Windows VM?When the jupyter lab is launched, the IE browser displays blank. So I want to try jupyter lab with Chrome. Thanks!

You need to download the executable file on your own computer, and then upload the file to your workbench.


I dont think this will work . I tried installing chrome by uploading. It says it needs internet connection.

Did you upload the standalone installation file?

It worked on my end. I downloaded and uploaded the “ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe”

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Hi @shravan.koninti,

Please download the executable you need on you local machine. Then upload it to your workspace (see link to Knowledge Base Michael shared above). After that it is accessible to VMs in /files (:Z) drive and you can use it to install Chrome.