New to AIcrowd and challenges

I am a Data and Knowledge Engineering student and I want to learn more about AI and deep learning. One of my friends recommended me to be a part of AIcrowd community and learn by participating in any of the challenges.

I am new to this challenge and looking for some guidelines to get started.


Hello azher_ud,

It’s good to know that you are taking initiative in learning things outside of academics :heart:. AICrowd :aicrowd: is indeed one of its kind, there are many people who have started their learning here.
I think as soon as you created an account here, you have become a part of the community, however, your post belongs to a specific challenge but if you need to ask questions and learn, I would suggest you login to AICrowd’s discord channel here. You’ll find like-minded people here and can grow your skills and become a pro.

Regarding the challenge, it’s good to see your interest. I can point to a few of the posts that will help you get started with AICrowd and this challenge especially.


  1. Learn How To Make Your First Submission [:movie_camera: Tutorial]
  2. Learn How To Make First Baseline Model With 0.44+ Accuracy on LeaderBoard [:movie_camera: Tutorial]
  3. Learn How To Setup MLOps (WandB) Pipeline To Track Your Experiments In 15 Minutes
  4. New Baseline with [0.71 on LB]
  5. New High Accuracy Baseline with 0.84

Feel free to reach out through posts, people, in general, are really helpful.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help. I went through all the resources and have made my submissions. However, it was not easy to find the small change that you were referring in one of the notebook.

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