[New Launch] AIcrowd Blitz Is Now Live

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For the last 1.5 years, we have been developing unique AI puzzles and sharing them with you every month. The next phase of the evolution of AI Blitz is here!

AIcrowd Blitz is a comprehensive AI Learning companion with unique AI puzzles, expert solutions, your own AI community & most excitingly, an impressive ML portfolio.

AI Puzzles You Love + Easy to understand Expert Solutions

Blitz boasts a library of hand-crafted AI puzzles designed around home-brewed datasets on real-world problems. Signup and get these unique AI puzzles delivered straight to your inbox.

Learn As You Go

Unlock solutions and resources created by experts for beginners. Learn different approaches to solve AI puzzles, understand the theory and gain hands-on experience.

Build & Share Your ML Portfolio
Create AI Solutions For The World To See

Don’t just sharpen your skills; show them to the world! Through Blitz ML Apps, make your solutions accessible to all. Host live ML Apps for anyone to use in real-time. With Blitz, you can easily build a stellar ML Portfolio.

Meet Your AI Tribe

We know learning is hard, so we never want you to feel alone in your AI journey. Through Blitz, meet like-minded AI enthusiasts that will inspire & help you. Get exclusive access to live problem-solving events and 24*7 community support.

Like you, we love learning AI & solving new problems to build our skills. So we want to hear your thoughts on AIcrowd Blitz. Please share your honest feedback to help us provide the best AI platform to you.

Happy Blitzing
Team AIcrowd